ecoDesign ecoPrint is proud to have Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody Certification (COC). Apart from being a mouthful what does this actually mean for our clients?

It means that by buying print with the FSC® label you are supporting the growth of responsible forest management worldwide.

The FSC® is a non-profit body made up of environmental & social groups (including Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund and Friends of the Earth) as well as progressive forest companies. Their aim is to certify forests that meet strict standards to control environmental impacts and social benefits for the local people. The forestry companies are independently audited to ensure these standards are being met, and only then are they allowed to display the FSC® logo on their products.

The Chain of Custody certification is a programme that certifies FSC® forest products from the planting of the trees to the delivery of the final printed product to our customer. For a printed item to contain the FSC® seal of approval, each link in the chain (printer, paper merchant, paper mill, wood chipper, forest plantation) must be independently audited to ensure the correct processes are in place to track the certified trees all the way through to the sheet of paper your job is printed on.






Currently there are 73.3 million ha of forest that have been FSC® certified in more than 80 countries. While the options of FSC® certified paper through the entire chain of custody process is still quite limited – lately there have been a number of additions to the range.

We are very excited to be part of this chain of custody and to offer our clients the opportunity to have the FSC® label on their print material. By doing this you are guaranteed that the paper you are using has been tracked and certified from the planting of the tree to the delivery of the finished print job as contributing environmentally and socially to our planet.

For more information on FSC® please visit www.fsc.org or to get your next job printed on certified FSC® paper, please contact us for more details.

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